Scout Abuse Lawsuit

Were you or anyone you know sexually assaulted while part of Boy Scouts of America?

Do you have any information to provide regarding Boy Scouts of America?

The law firm of Rothstein Donatelli has represented New Mexicans for over 40 years and helps New Mexican survivors of child sexual abuse assert their rights.

Court Sets Bar Deadline to File Abuse Claims Against BSA

Facing thousands of lawsuits, the BSA has filed for bankruptcy protection. The bankruptcy court has set a “bar date" deadline for survivors to file a claim.

Survivors who file after the November 16 deadline will likely forfeit any claim against the Boy Scouts of America and any right to compensation.

Speak with our legal team as soon as possible to file a claim before the deadline.

Compensation Fund for Boy Scout Abuse Survivors

As part of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process, the Boy Scouts of America has created a Victims Compensation Trust for survivors who had participated in its programs.

Consult with our legal team to learn about your legal rights and options and to hold the BSA accountable.

Seek Justice Now

Since the early 1900s, the Boy Scouts of America kept “ineligible volunteer” files. Many of the individuals on the list were added following abuse allegations.

Rothstein Donatelli handles these cases confidentially with care, compassion and understanding.